Emergency Center (Cardiac and Accident Emergency)

Fast way to reach your heart
In an emergency, be it a heart attack or otherwise our first priority is to reach our loved one to the nearest Medical center. Rarely do we stop to think about the quality of facilities or expertise available at the center. This however can make all the difference.  The right medical care at a critical time can not only save a precious life but also give him the best chance to have a productive life after recovery.

We at MIOT Pacific Hospitals have designed the advanced and dedicated Cardiac and Accident Emergency Center primarily for this purpose. Our trained medical staff will take over as soon as you come in. You will be examined immediately by an experienced Emergency care Specialist to determine the care required.

 Advanced Facilities, Experienced Experts

In cardiac and other speciality care where an accurate diagnosis is key before treatment, you will be taken up for a CT scan on the world’s first and fastest 4D Hi definition scanner the Revolution 750HD CT Scan. The scan will be done by a trained Technologist who will ensure that you are comfortable and that there are no re-dos. To avoid any delays, we have a full time expert Radiologist to analyse the scan results and give the Specialist all information necessary to plan treatment with minimal delay.

Cardiac patients who require immediate treatment are moved to the advanced CATH Lab Innova IGS 530 for necessary Interventional procedures which restores critical blood flow to the heart. The Specialists are guided by 3D images in realtime while performing intricate procedures which saves lives and minimises damage to hearts. The seamless movement of patients from the minute they are brought into the Emergency center allows us to maintain the internationally recommended Door to Balloon timeline of 90 minutes.

Whether you come in as an emergency case or with any problem related to the Heart rest assured that our skilled Specialists who are available full time will ensure that you have the best possible chance for a speedy & effective recovery.

24X7 Cardiac and Accident Emergency Centre