Making an appointment

making-an-appointmentAppointment for Specialists

Consultation at our Specialist Centre and treatment at the MIOT Pacific Hospitals is by appointment only.

You can call our Specialist Centre directly or your general practitioner/family doctor can help to make the arrangement for you. Our Specialists are mostly Independent Practitioners, many of whom are Civil Servants attached to the Government Hospital, or other medical providers. Most of their clinics are conducted after hours. A list of the services we offer and Specialists is under the “Our Services” menu.

Amy Street Medical Centre – General Practioner Consultations

All General Practitioner (GP) Consultations are on a “First Come First Serve” basis and with the next available GP.

If you wish to consult a particular GP, please be advised that you may experience a longer waiting time as the GP availability will be after all customers that have registered before you have been seen.

Note also in some events, where you are waiting for a particular GP, customers that arrive after you may be seen before you by other available GP’s. In all instances, Emergency cases will be attended to immediately. We appreciate your understanding and patience.